Trophy Wife Taxidermy...I'll Mount Anything Once!


Trophy Wife Taxidermy

Back story on Trophy Wife Taxidermy.

Trophy Wife Taxidermy...I'll mount anything once!

Yes! I am a taxidermist.. Yes I play w dead things. Not so much anymore ..but I do have the skills.

Yes! my animals are afraid..very afraid, lol jk. I would never!! Well maybe a couple have heard my idle threat of being rugged out, or turned into a throw pillow. If they didn't straiten up..I digress.

This merch is not only for the fisher or the hunter it is for you! The design is suggestive, it may make you question your morals and values. Or if you even have any. No judgment here!

It's a little on the risque side. This is definitely a conversation may even get asked on a date.. Sky is the limit here. I've even seen some disagreements brought forth in couples from this design.

Anyway its been a dream of mine for 7 plus years to have TWT merchandise! And I finally manifested it to reality.

I will be adding more designs and items as I find different product partners. So please check it out. Im open to reviews, and suggestions, as this is my first online store. Maybe something you would be interested in buying, if it was on here.

Thats it... that's my spiel. Thx for listening and mostly thx for being so patient while I get TWT off the ground!